Contact center technologies become increasingly important for providing additional responsiveness for caller enquiries and their perceptions. The welcome-announcement is the first contact with a company and its quality is already deceisive over the caller's impression of the firm.
A customer may have aside the intended purchasing interest other motives to make enquiries at a company:

  • for general information on products, opening hours and other
  • for complaints
  • for technical assistance

Pending on a company's mission and its according market activities, the requirements may differ:

  • Short reaction and response times, so that the caller does not leave the call without his requested information
  • Recognizing callers for providing goal-orientated and informative support without repeats
  • Taking on calls also outside the actual business hours.

With the installation of a contact center companies want to achieve a better understanding of their customers needs as well as achieving higher productivity gains and to increase revenues. The system should:

  • recognize VIP-calls for answering these calls first,
  • provide automatically current information on a calling customer as pop-up from a database.

For assessing how effective the communication system works, some reporting statistics become necessary for supplying detailled information on the call volume, e.g. how many calls were anwered, lost, how long were waiting- and active call times as well as the workload for the individual employees.
MDS Gateways makes available technologies that cater for all these requirements - starting from simple call distribution (Call Routing) up to the integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)-instruments.

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