SIP is an open standard of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for an Internet-based protocol for the communication control of multiple subscribers via different media-sessions within convergent networks. SIP allows the creation and setup of versatile features, that extend far greater than the basic functions of simple IP-telephone calls.

The Market Chances for SIP

With the ongoing technological change of business IP-communication solutions, SIP renders an enormous potential for vastly improoving existant ways of communicating between another The potential of SIP has already impacted considerably on the industry's vendors and network providers, with the standard vastly being supported in commercial products and infrastructure for retaining the best possible market opportunities and interoperability between multi-vendor products. Some of the main factors for SIP in the ITC-market are:

  • the interoperability of IP-terminals
  • easy implementation of multimedia applications via voice-, video- and data integration
  • strong presence-supporting functions and immediate data exchange
  • close integration between terminal and application via SIP-support of various telephony tools
  • 3G mobile telephony support

MDS Gateways and SIP

MDS Gateways concentrates comprehensive development work for a complete implementation of trunk- and extension-related features in its communication platforms and is certified with the leading vendors of IMS-infrastructures, which are especially built en masse by all main established network providers for implementing their NGN-strategies for facilitating complete convergent services.

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