Voice over IP (VoIP) means that voice is conditioned like data and transported via data connections. The voice communication uses existing data connections, seperate lines for voice are not required. VoIP includes everything used for the voice transmission over the Internet-Protocol (IP).

  • For voice transmission via data lines SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has established itself as the most prominent method. For communicating with the outside world, a simple data connection is enough to replace common ISDN-trunks.
  • Usage of IP-Telephones or Softphones Instead of ISDN- or Analogue Telephones. A softphone is installed software installed onto a PC that emulates the same functionality of a system telephone on the screen. Instead of a handset, a headset is commonly used.
  • SIP-DECT and SIP-WLAN as Mobility Solution in the IP-Network
  • Optimizing the communication processes of small-, medium- and large enterprises with respective cost reductions.
  • Enable the user to continue to use all known features and applications of conventional telephony with the expected covenience and scale of performance.
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