Unified Communications from MDS Gateways offers users effective assistance for mastering global business requirements with solutions for increasing productivity, shortened reaction times and cost reductions.
Unified Communications is the next evolutionary step of digital communications and its interacting technologies. UC combines multiple IT-performance aggregators for achieving an efficient background for the overall communication bais of single users, of groups and of organizations. The main advantages are amongst other:

  • Low communication cost
  • Improved employee-efficiency and -productivity
  • Increased reachability for customers, suppliers and partners
  • Unified IT-management and lower OPEX

Unified Communications as Meaningful Enhancement

The UC-components of MDS Gateways help small- and medium-sized customers with their most important business needs with equally important cost efficiency. The integration of leading productivity tools like Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) as well as the commitment of MDS Gateways for embedding open standards simplifies the integration of our communication platforms with CRM, ERP or other vertical applications, thus allowing the continued use of such software components as well as providing comprehensive support in the transformation and improvement of your daily business transactions.

Optimized Point-to-Point-Communication in Mind

The product solutions of MDS Gateways allow an easier converged use of voice, eMail, Unified Messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications and moreso a faster and very effective form of communication.

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